Sunday, 15 April 2012

Climbing over rocky mountain...


  1. Tom, I am always leaving messages over at Chris's place and this time wanted to stop here.

    I had a really wonderful time in your home town, perhaps because I did not try to replicate my prior wonderful times during the "last century," but instead appreciated the now and got ideas for the future.

    Let me also tell you how much I like seeing your monoprint each day. I particularly like taking a good look at it when I am home and the afternoon, southern sunlight catches its subtlety. I thank you again!

    One more thank you for naming the funny little tree plant. It's got to be a jade plant variation, just left to go leggy, or is it branchy? Fun to draw no matter what its name.

    It is always so enjoyable to visit your site, to see your art and also to try to read your essays. Thank you always for stretching my understanding on many fronts.

    I promise to keep you and Chris updated on what I eventually figure out to do with that upcoming bonus trip. Meanwhile, I am so looking forward to getting ahold of Chris's next novel.

    Jeepers, I did go on a bit, didn't I?


  2. Frances,

    Very kind of you to 'drop by'. As you've seen, there are very few visitors here (or, if they do visit they don't make their presence felt!). I'm hoping to do a few more electronic pictures than usual and then to post them on here for folks' amusement.

    One thing Chris and I particularly enjoyed about our trip to NY was being able to take some of the geography away with us. Now, when we see an item on the news we can say, 'Oh, that's down near Wall Street' or 'That's just around the corner from Grand Central'. I think that we gained that knowledge from walking almost everywhere. That's something some folks don't do enough of in big cities, just hopping on and off the tube or subway doesn't give you that relative spatial awareness.

    Your 'bonus trip' will be very precious time and so you must use it wisely.

    I'm sure that Chris will be popping a copy of Move Over Darling in the post to you in the autumn (fall!).